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We offer Sheykh Obeyd, Heirloom,
Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses!

All qualified for
Blue List, Pyramid Society and Al Khamsa.

Here, you will see Foundation horses bred
for Disposition, Conformation and Bloodlines
which is essential in the preservation of Foundation Arabians.

All horses SCID  and CA clear

WE HAVE BEEN BREEDING STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN HORSES SINCE 1990. Our focus has now shifted to Sheykh Obeyd Straight Egyptians whose ancestors are exclusively Bedouin bred and trace primarily to Abbas Pasha, Ali Pasha Sherif, and the Blunts.

The Bedouin's survival depended on quality horses bred for speed, endurance, and outstanding dispositions. These horses were bred for hundreds of years to withstand the harshest desert environment. Only the strongest and most intelligent survived.

We feel this group of foundation Arabians should be preserved for future generations. Approximately 1,000 remain and not all of these are of breeding age or quality. In the mid 1990's we became fascinated with and purchased our first Sheykh Obeyd, a grey Ansata El Salim son, H A Samar. We fell in love with his disposition, courage, and beauty. This horse sparked our interest to breed this line of Straight Egyptian Arabian.

Our bloodlines include Ansata, Babson, Pritzlaff, Alaa El Din, Fakher El Dine, Saud El Ameer, and Hallany Mistanny. By selective breeding, and careful planning, we strive to continue preserving the excellent qualities of these fine horses.

ESA Nisrs Adhara ( Jubilee Halima X Apple Hill Ashiaq )

Windtriste Sarah (BW Mahdin x Il Bint Sabrah)

ESA Nisrs Adhara (Jubilee Halima X Apple Hill Ashiaq)

"My treasures neither chink nor glitter,
but gleam in the sun & neigh in the night."

-- Arabian proverb

"Excellence in Vintage Arabians"